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E-liquid Totally Green Mint, 10ml Maximize

E-liquid Totally Green Vanilla Ice, 10ml

Only reservation of the product possible. TAKEOVER: MAITIM d.o.o., Kamniska 39, Smarca, 1241 Kamnik, Slovenia - EU 

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  • All components of Totally Green e-liquids are strictly of European origin that provide a guarantee of product quality. The products are ECO friendly, not animal tested and GMO FREE! Each bottle is marked with a recommended shelf life of the product.10 ml bottle is sufficient for 7-14 days of smoking for the average smoker.


  • Ingredients:
  • 50 % of propylene glycol,
  • 50 % of vegetable glycerin,
  • 2 % of aromas,
  • flavor: TOBACCO BLEND,


  • Nicotine strenghts:
  • 18 mg/ml (High)
  • 12 mg/ml (Medium)
  • 6 mg/ml (Low)
  • 0 mg/ml (Zero).


  • E-liquids contain nicotine and under no circumstances should they be consumed in any other manner except for instillation and replenishment of e-cigarette refills.
  • Always keep out of children's reach.
  • This bottle is made of special medical plastics.
Cap is specifically designed to be childproof and to show evidence that it has not been opened.
 Its dropper is unique because it is easy to use for refilling different models of electronic cigarettes, and an additional top for filling can be applied to it.