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  • The vison and the foundation of a well renowned Slovenian company MAITIM d.o.o., which successfully penetrated market in 1992, was established and implemented by Mr. Bojan Ivancic, an inventor, visionary and first class expert in electrical engineering and informational technologies. Before taking his independent path, he worked as an indispensable front row engineer in a world renowned company Iskra Delta, which in that time was a leader in the field of computer technology development.
  • The beginnings brought many successful projects and Golden Monitors to MAITIM, who was awarded for releasing to the market computers of the highest quality and speed. Following was the recognition of the company for its professionalism and reliability in public institutions, banking and entrepreneurship in general. The reference list of customers, concluding contracts with MAITIM for equipping and maintaining computer equipment, comprised of Universities, Schools, Municipalities, Banks and Companies all over the country. As a consequence, rapid growth of MAITIM began. Parallel with equipping and maintaining contractual customers with computer equipment, MAITIM also placed itself successfully into retail market and began working in the field of surveillance system equipment. Many hotels, restaurants, bars, churches and multifamily facilities have been equipped.


  • Data Recovery LAB – Number 1 in Slovenia
  • Along with the rapid development of computer technologies appeared an urgent need for Data Recovery Services. With expertise knowledge, a great spark of enthusiasm and future-oriented vision, MAITIM developed the first Data Recovery and Forensic IT Analysis Laboratory in Slovenia, equipped according to the highest standards and professional devices needed, including Class 100 Room. MAITIM’s Data Recovery Laboratory has remained number one in Slovenia since its beginnings. With constant upgrading of knowledge and equipment, The Lab enables us to successfully deal with the most demanding and complex data loss situations. The rate of successfully recovered data is above 95 %.


  • The integrity of computer services and products
  • Since our beginnings, we offer an advanced and reliable service of computers, servers and all sorts of computer equipment, such as printers, multifunctional devices and other periphery. Services are performed at our headquarter service facility or on field and are available to end customers as well as to all companies, contractual or by chance. Together with free consulting, we also carry out comprehensive information system solutions for companies and public institutions, including multiprocessor servers, graphic design stations, periphery units and software. All four implementation phases are covered, from consulting, to delivery, installation and maintenance. Professional surveillance system equipment is also available.
  • First phase of deciding who to turn to, when in need of computer and modern technology services, it is important to keep in mind, we are available to all with free, yet professional and experience supported consultations. In the abundance of information, offers and sales, it is hard to foresee the optimal solution in the given situation without proper knowledge, because every customer’s need is unique in its own way. A firm and long-standing tradition of MAITIM gave us much necessary and trustworthy experience on very complex and rapidly evolving fields of modern technologies.

  • Your first choice in high complex error situations, hacker intrusions and system crashes
  • For many years now, we have been appreciated for dealing with and successfully solving high complex system crashes, computer errors, viruses, Trojan horses and similar, which are increasing rapidly due to a very fast technological progress, software development and uncontrollable hacking. We have been commended for a high rate success in rescuing Crypto Ransomware intrusions. Newer offer in MAITIM also covers Mining computers (Crypto Mining, Bitcoin Mining, Ethereum …).

  • In care of society and the planet
  • Here in our company we also care deeply for the environment and for improving society standards that are in co-existence with nature. In support of the awareness of environmental issues, that plague modern civilization, we have recently entered fields of modern solutions in renewable energy, electrical mobility and sustainable development under the name of MAITIM e-energija.
  • We offer high quality, high functional and high performance Solar LED Street Lights together with all sorts of Solar LED Lamps. In the range of modern solutions are also Electric Car Charging Stations and Electric Bike Charging Stations BI-charged.
  • The latter have been carefully developed and designed by MAITIM. For this project, we have united strengths with the best domestic experts to produce unique, universal, functional, technologically completed and style perfected e-bike charging station that, with its modular design, is, like a chameleon, capable of adapting to any kind of architectural and natural environments.

  • Vaping - program of alternative smoking devices for smokers, who want to quit
  • MAITIM was the first in Slovenia to recognize advantages of vaping in comparison to traditional smoking. Vaping is now known to be at least 95 % safer than tobacco smoking. We first offered vaping devices and vape e-liquids in 2008 and have – in co-operation with Imperial Tobacco Slovenia (Tobacna Grosist d.o.o.), Tobacna 3DVA d.o.o. and Delo prodaja, the biggest distributors of tobacco products in the country, placed them in more than 300 tobacco shops across Slovenia. Together with the biggest producers in the world, we kept pace with very quickly evolving vape market and we now offer a wide variety of modern, EU registered vaping devices and laboratory tested e-liquids that are also available at our headquarters in Kamnik.

  • Our office and internet presence
  • Headquarters of MAITIM d.o.o. with showroom, service and storage facility are located in Kamnik, 20 kilometers out of Ljubljana. Our new retail ONLINE SHOP is right now under construction, but is already functional and is expected to be finalized soon. It will offer to end users thousands of world renowned computer and electronic related products and also house equipping products.

  • We believe, that in multi consumer system, where the domination of mass production is held and ran by powerful mega corporations, there will always be a place for warm personal, yet very professional approach towards all customers and nature. Thus we keep building persistently on high quality offer of products and services, always keeping in mind the importance of every individual person and company, no matter big or small.
  • Knowledge, future oriented projects, professional consulting, warm personal note and a maximum effort with a great input of good energy and team work are in no exception our priorities.
  • Remember, at MAITIM every individual counts.

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  • Name of the company: MAITIM Computers d.o.o.
    Headquarters: Kamniska cesta 39, 1241 Kamnik
    Phone: 00386 1 830 33 60
    Mobile: 00386 41 618 253
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  • Facebook: @maitimcomputers
  • Year of foundation: 1992
  • Tax number: SI 36886220
    VAT payer: Yes
    Registration number: 5602564
    IBAN: SI56 0230 0001 0678 260

    Registered by the District Court of Ljubljana SRG 1/16912/00